Babylon by TELUS Health

Heuristic evaluation & Redesign

UX/UI Designer  |  2 weeks (2021)  |  iOS

Evaluating the usability of the Babylon by Telus Health mobile application and creating a redesign proposal in order to find possible ways to improve the user experience.

Tools: Figma

Team: Lily Maya

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Design challenge.

As a team, we conducted a heuristic evaluation on the Babylon by Telus Health app. A heuristic evaluation is an inspection method that helps identify problems in the usability of a digital product. After the evaluation, we implemented all the recommendations, creating a redesign of the flow while keeping the UI within the original branding.

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About the company.

Telus Health has partnered with Babylon Health, a global leader in digital health that combines the power of AI with the medical expertise of doctors. Together, they created Babylon by Telus Health, which aims to deliver more options for Canadians to access healthcare. The application allows to connect with a doctor for many non-emergency conditions.

Babylon is often used by people who don’t have a family doctor and in situations when a doctor is needed after-hours.


Current experience.

Firstly, we explored the reviews left by regular users to find out what they find frustrating in their experience using the app. Babylon Health has a high rating of 4.1 stars on the App Store, which shows that overall people love using the product. However, people expressed frustrations about some of the aspects of the booking flow, showing there is a room for improvement.




To conduct the evaluation, we followed the Jacob Nielsen's usability heuristics. Based on them, we identified some usability issues in the flow chosen.


Rating scale.

When evaluating, we used a severity scale to rate each screen from 0 to 4 where 0 means no usability issues and 4 is a usability catastrophe.


Task flow.

After analyzing the application and the users’ most common pain points, we decided to evaluate the task flow where the user is booking a doctor’s appointment as it is the core task of this product.

Before Flow.png


Heuristic evaluation.

Choosing doctor.png
Entering Details.png
Checking Details.png


After conducting the heuristic evaluation, we identified a number of usability issues:

  • Flexibility and efficiency of use - 2 major issues

  • Error prevention - 1 major, 1 minor issues

  • User control and freedom - 1 minor issue

  • Aesthetic and minimalist design - 1 minor issue

The evaluation showed that Babylon Health is a well-designed product that can bring a significant value to its users. However, it has some usability issues, mostly functional, that could be improved to make the user experience even better.



Before starting the redesign process, we created a prioritization matrix to show the sequence of how important it is to work on each usability issue.


Style guide.

Also, we extracted all the colours, typography and iconography from the application to create an indistinguishable look when creating the redesign.



During the redesign process, we implemented solutions for the usability issues discovered earlier. In our redesign we wanted to maintain the minimalist look of the application as the visual aspect was never an issue.

Appointments Re.png
Choosing Doctor Re.png
Choosing Preferences.png
Entering Details Re.png
Date Re.png
Checking Details Re.png
Confirmation Re.png

Final prototype.

To experience the new redesigned flow, we created a prototype that shows the flow of booking a doctor's appointment.


UI Library.

When redesigning the application, we recreated all the UI elements, components, colour and text styles to simplify our work process.


Next steps.

Now we would like to test the changes made with real people to ensure the new flow allows to book a doctor's appointment easily, with no frustration for the users. After that we would implement the feedback received in the next iteration of the redesign. 

Take outs & learnings.

When working on this project, I not only learned the concept of usability heuristics, but also learned how to identify issues in an existing product. It helped me understand the fundamentals of usability and all the aspects that can affect it significantly.